Halloween Event

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Halloween Event

Post  Mousen Heath on Tue 18 Oct 2011, 10:05 am

The very-dead looking jackalope flicked off some dirt out of his ears. Digging himself up every so often was beginning to become a real pain in the neck, in all honesty he wan't entirely sure how much longer he would be able to put up with it. In digging to the surface, part of his ear had dropped off! Seriously, who else had to hope with this? Atleast it had been sewn back on.

"I welcome you, by firstly and foremostly (and yes, I am aware that 'foremostly' is not a word) to the grand opening of Maurice's Halloween Shindig! From this day, to the the first of November you will be able to try your hand at the most Halloween-y game there is!" He'd have laughed in a manic sort of way, had it not been for the fact his voice was raspy enough as it was, he'd have probably coughed his lung up again. And trust me - that is not something anyone needs to see.

All parties are a blast when you've got a zombie as a host. It's a fact.

What are you waiting for?
To the Shindig!
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