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[HS/Language/Violence/Private] > Enter name

Post  Mousen Heath on Tue 01 Nov 2011, 1:24 pm

(( Warning: This will make no sense to you unless you actually read Homestuck. Some of the grammar will be intentionally bad, as not all of the characters type literate and they talk over the internet alot. ^^ Also, this Homestuck AU has everything happen in a radically different way to the normal HS. The reason for the differences will become clear throughout the course of the RP))

A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 21st of September, is not this young man's birthday. Well, it could be since he doesn't technically know when his Birthday is. Though it was fifteen-ish years ago he was given life, it is only today he will be given a name!

What will the name of this young man be?

Well... Not really. He's had his name for fifteen-ish years.


Your name is JAKE ELLIOTS and you're FIFTEEN-ISH, you don't know for certain as you were ADOPTED. That is to say, you were dumped on your guardian's DOORSTEP as a baby and they promptly took you in. She did have the good sense to make it OFFICIAL, you celebrate your BIRTHDAY every year on the day you were found. Somehow, it never manages to be a particuarly happy occasion for you.

Like many kids your age you have various INTERESTS, you spend many hours browsing the INTERNET and you find it the best way to SOCALIZE as you are PROFOUNDLY DEAF. It's never really bothered you, but it can be a real PAIN sometimes. One of the reasons you spend so much time on the INTERNET is because you're still trying to TRACE YOUR BIRTH PARENTS, though you don't have any LEADS, nor do you actually know WHERE TO START. However, you have a friend LOOKING INTO IT FOR YOU. You enjoy drawing and you're SURPRISINGLY GOOD AT IT, though that might be because your guardian payed for many, many ART LESSONS, which you MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE BEGGED FOR. You dislike SHOWING EMOTION, unless you're ACTING BORED or BEING SARCASTIC. Though sometimes your sarcasm gets a little LOST IN TRANSLATION, so you tend to supplement it with plenty of EYE ROLLS. You play many kinds of VIDEO GAME, even if you're not that good at most of them.

You live in SOUTHERN IRELAND, where your Guardian works as a LAWYER. She tends to be out of the house alot, leaving you ALONE for the most part. In a silly attempt to MAKE IT UP TO YOU she installed various SECURITY CAMERAS around the property, which just to humor her you check on EVERY THIRTY MINUTES. Or perhaps thats your self-diagnosed OCD there. You and her get along FAIRLY WELL, but you tend to avoid her because encounters with her tend to be... RATHER AWKWARD. She feels GUILTY about EVERYTHING and quite frankly, YOU COULDN'T CARE LESS. Every time you meet, it seems to end in her GIVING YOU SOMETHING POINTLESS AND EXPENSIVE and then giving you a politely worded LECTURE about the STATE OF YOUR BEDROOM, atleast you think that's what she meant. Her sign language is TERRIBLE.

Your strife specibi is a SWISS ARMYKIND, which you have found to be EXCEPTIONALLY USEFUL. As expected, you have a PICTIONARY MODUS, one of the LESS USELESS GIFTS from your Guardian. Your pesterchum is starvingArtist and you always type in orange.

What will you do?


The room is a fairly light one, looking out onto the countryside. The house is a new build on a small but well respected estate in southern Ireland. Unfortunately, the view inside isn't half as nice as the view outside. While it's a fairly nice, plain room with white walls and a sloping ceiling it also plays host to a teenage boy. Which means that it's obviously a mess. Piles of unfinished homework sit in stacks on a desk next to several books on how to draw open on random pages and several sketch pads, most of them looking as if a good portion of their pages have been torn out. The time was around 1PM according to the digital clock sat on the chest of draws beside Jake's bed. Typically, it was unmade as per usual.

He drummed his fingers on the little space he had on the desk, his hand reaching out automatically to catch one of the books that was about to slide off onto the floor. Last time he'd spoken to a friend of his, she'd told him that he'd speak to her as soon as she got up. She mentioned something about it being an extremely important day, whatever that meant. If you remember correctly the conversation had gone something like this:

betwixtTheories has began pestering starvingArtist

BT: hi jake!!
SA: hey
SA: how's alaksa treating you?

BT: good but a little weird
BT: like always
BT: there was a bear in my kitchen this morning
BT: it took me forever to shoo it out!!

SA: wow.  the most dangerous animals we have here are leprecauns.
BT: i forget you live in ireland what time is it where you are??
SA: about half one in the morning
BT: you should go to sleep!!
SA: nah its saturday tomorrow anyway
BT: woah!!
SA: what? are you okay?
BT: yeah i just heard something downstairs
BT: i hope its not another bear
BT: id better go check
BT: bye!!

SA: wait!
BT: what??
SA: just don't get yourself mauled, 'kay bree?
SA: er, be careful.

BT: i will, becareful i mean.
BT: you worry too much jake!!

betwixtTheories has ceased pestering starvingArtist
starvingArtist began pestering betwixtTheories

SA: damn it bree
SA: its been like an hour. where are you?
SA: if you've been eaten by a bear i'm going to murder you, seriously.
SA: bree?

BT: sorry!! it was just a raccoon i kind of got distracted sorry
BT: and you didnt have to leave like thirty messages asking if im okay
BT: you really freaked out huh??

SA: very funny. seriously, if you tell any of the others blood will be spilt.
BT: yeah yeah
BT: did you really wait up for me all this time?

SA: yeah. i kind of panicked.
BT: you should really go to sleep though jake
BT: i get the feeling that something really important is going to happen tomorrow
BT: you know better than to ask me why since weve been over this like a million times
BT: but anyway i'll contact you like as soon as i get up!

SA: ...i'm glad you're okay.
BT: ha thanks
SA: anytime.

starvingArtist has ceased pestering betwixtTheories

Not that Jake would ever tell anyone how that conversation went, it was far too mushy. If Nick or Jane ever saw that conversation he'd never live it down. Good god, he didn't even want to think about that. Bree was one of his best friends, despite the time difference, infact she was the only one out of them all that knew he was deaf. Even though they'd been talking for atleast a couple of years now, Jake still felt a bit insecure about it all.

Still, it was about time for her to be online now. While it was atrociously early over in Alaska, and no doubt very dark, she'd probably be up and atem. Chasing moose out of her house or whatever people who lived in Alaska did in their spare time. He wasn't quite sure about that. Well, Bree and his other friends(to different degrees) had been talking about this new game that had come out a couple of days previously. When he'd asked the little blond what all the fuss was about she really hadn't explained much, infact if anything she was probably just confused him more. Still, there hadn't been many decent games out lately and it seemed interesting enough (from the garbled explanation he'd relieved from Bree anyway.)

Ah! There she was!

betwixtTheories has began pestering starvingArtist

BT: hi jake!!
SA: hey, what time is it for you over there? it must be like six in the morning.
BT: it is but im really exited about this game
BT: have you gotten your copy yet??

SA: it came in the post this morning
BT: good just checking
BT: im just waiting for the mailman at the moment
BT: i think hes still asleep...

SA: like any normal person should be.
BT: im a morning person!!
BT: theres nothing wrong with that

SA: if you say so...
BT: ill talk to you again once i get my copy of the beta
BT: im being pestered by a troll again

SA: another one?
SA: those guys are pretty freaky, they can be kind of helpful though.

BT: what do you mean helpful
BT: the last one i talked to was anything but

SA: this one claims to be good at tracing relatives. she was convinced it was illegal to do so or something...
SA: you know what they're like with their made-up shit about being from another universe or whatever.

BT: yeah still i havent discounted their story entirely
BT: anything is possible!!
BT: talk to you later

SA: bye.

betwixtTheories has stopped pestering starvingArtist

Let's take a look at this mysterious person who enjoys doubling her punctuation, shall we?

==> Enter name:

Your name is BREE CARTER. You're FIFTEEN YEARS OLD and you live in ALASKA with your AUNT. Living in ALASKA can be pretty WEIRD sometimes, but you wouldn't change it. It's INTERESTING, to say the least.

Speaking of INTERESTS, you have several of them. Including rather DEEP PHILOSOPHY, you're not sure that you actually UNDERSTAND A LOT OF IT, but that's part of the FUN. You enjoy doing things on MERE WHIMS, and you stick to the belief that if SOMETHING IS MEANT TO HAPPEN, IT WILL. Even though this belief has earned you no lack of teasing from your FRIENDS, you stick by it. You also enjoy collecting NOVELTY HATS, just for THE HECK OF IT. It's given your AUNT something to give you at Christmases. Your main passion, however, used to be DECIPHERING THE FUTURE. Your room is littered with TAROT CARDS, HOROSCOPES, RUNES and there's even a MAGIC BASEBALL, not that it actually WORKS, for some reason it just seems to inform you of your impending doom. There's also a OUIJA board and a book about TEA LEAVES. This obsession seemed to end SEVERAL MONTHS AGO, though you haven't told your friends why. This has not stopped your love of MAGIC, however. You're an avid HARRY POTTER fan, and you still hold out hope that your HOGWARTS LETTER will arrive some day. You also believe in many CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Some of them seem unlikely EVEN TO YOU, but you like to go with them anyway because it's FUN TO PRETEND. If only for a moment, you are FIFTEEN after all .

You talk to several people from all over the world, and you know that SOMEDAY. You will all play a game together that will END OR SAVE THE UNIVERSE. You don't know which it is yet. As it happens, this day seems to be drawing EXCEPTIONALLY CLOSE, though you are not worried about it. Your friends tend to regard you as a LITTLE CRAZY, which is kind of rich COMING FROM THEM OF ALL PEOPLE. It doesn't really bother you though, you don't really care about that sort of thing. You tend to get BORED quite easily, and you're also KIND OF EXCITABLE. Your habit of RUSHING OFF WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE WHAT YOU'RE DOING, has gotten you into lots of TROUBLE over the years.

Living in ALASKA, you're not scared of many ANIMALS. Not even BEARS, as you seem to have the uncanny ability to calm LARGE PREDATORS with relative EASE. You dislike HURTING ANYTHING, if truth be told you're something of a PACIFIST. Though, for some reason you sense that's about to change. When your AUNT is in the house you tend to AVOID HER. You find her a little CREEPY, to be honest. She spends lots of time outside in the woodshed, cutting up firewood, but when you do bump into her, she tends to give REALLY STRANGE PHILOSOPHICAL REMARKS. Which may or may not actually MEAN ANYTHING. She also likes to collect CLOCKS, which tick constantly throughout the house, which is equally CREEPY.

Your current StrifeSpecibus is PepperSprayKind, which even you admit is KIND OF LAME. Instead of opting for a more normal MODUS, you have yours set to 'DESTINY' which just throws out a random item every so often. But it's not random, for that was the item's DESTINY. Even if those DESTINIES are sometimes REALLY STRANGE. Your pesterchum is betwixtTheories and your text colour is a light shade of blue.

What will you do?


The room is distinctly tidier when compared with the one that we featured earlier. Means of telling fortune had been scattered all over the floor of this bedroom until a few nights ago when it was all pushed up into one corner. The only thing sat on this young lady's desk is her laptop and a Harry Potter book, a dog-eared bookmark sticking out of the corner of one page. The walls are painted sea foam green, and a little lamp casts a warm yellow light into the room. Outside, the dark blue sky is rather foreboding and it casts odd shadows in the snow. It's a few weeks until the Alaskan winter sets in and Bree had been planning to enjoy them.

Well, that's not quite true. For some time now Bree had 'known' that she wouldn't get to enjoy the last few weeks of sunshine. If she was correct, after today there wouldn't even be a sun! Well, not the sun she was used to, anyway. Infact, there wouldn't even be an earth. If they were lucky, four houses would remain...

But, that was just according to her, the young woman was rather cagey about her sources. Bree sighed and tied her hair up in a short ponytail as she prepared to face this particular troll.

arialTypewriter started trolling betwixtTheories:

BT: hello
BT: before you start on whatever your about to say
BT: and from experience its probably going to be something involving how stupid we all are
BT: and trust me i am aware of the fact that so many of us are ignorant of things
BT: i mean just on the conspiracy radio channel the other day there was this guy and
BT: sorry i do that alot
BT: anyway what im trying to say is
BT: would it kill you to be polite??

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Re: [HS/Language/Violence/Private] > Enter name

Post  auntslappy282 on Fri 04 Nov 2011, 12:04 pm

Be the other guy


Your name is NICK WALLIS. You are fifteen years old... Almost. Your birthday is tomorrow and you are actually LOOKING FOREWORD to it. You live in TEXAS with your FATHER who barely even knows you exist. He's usually out on DRUNKEN SPREES and is never home. You sell some of your crafts to pay off the mortgage so you'll still have a place to LIVE. You don't tell your friends this because they'd WORRY about you.

You are pretty darn good at PHOTOGRAPHY and at making JEWELRY. You SELL them online and get a pretty darn good PROFIT out of it. You could probably MOVE OUT if it was legal. You don't bother with education anymore for you don't have the MONEY. Well you DO but you find it USELESS. Famous people from around the world are starting to NOTICE you which is pretty cool you guess. You are somewhat of a DREAMER. You tend to take every WISH from a BIRTHDAY that you can and wish for a BETTER LIFE, which is precisely what you wished for LAST YEAR. You have a strange feeling that it WILL come TRUE this year.
You also like OLD WILD WEST movies and things of the sort. You have and old LASSO which is your strife specibus. Movie posters of the sort LITTER your walls. Your awesome collection of OLD BEER GLASSES litter your room as well. You find them AWESOME and EASY TO FIND. Most of your friends MOCK you HAPLESSLY for it, but they have they're ODD habits as well. You enjoy watching these MOVIES to try and help yourself not feel super ALONE in the world. Your room is not only LITTERED with western sort if things, but also empty PIZZA BOXES. You tend to LIVE off of pizzas for it is the only thing you can really AFFORD at the moment. Your saving money up for a house so you can leave.

You live in SOUTHERN TEXAS with your DAD. Your dad has a strange obsession with CATS which litter the HOUSE. Whenever you leave your bedroom, which tends to only be for going PEE, the CATS follow you throughout the whole house. Its honestly highly CREEPY. Encounters with your dad are NEVER FUN. He's either highly DRUNK and ANGRY or DEAD TIRED. You prefer the LATTER. Whenever your dad is SOBER, he's one of the NICEST people. He hasn't been SOBER since you were TWELVE though.

Your strife specibius is LASSO KIND. You love this because you can lasso random things around the room because you are a LAZY BUTTFACE. You have SCENE IT? MODUS which is a pain in the ASS due to you having to guess movies. Your pester chum is cayneeSherrif.

What will you do?


The bedroom faces the lawn and the millions of other houses that are close to the proximity of his own house. The house is a simple two story one with a few bathrooms, a crappy kitchen and two rooms. One for himself and his father. He didn't really enjoy the house, but he lived here, so it would have to do for the time being. He sighed as got re-arranged in the chair he sat in every single day of his goddamn life. He really did have a lame life huh? He watched his screen light up with the message from a troll. He sighed and pulled out his keyboard to begin typing.

dismalBrassica has started trolling CayenneSherrif

DB: Greetings
CS: o my god what do you want
DB: I am going to assume you are slightly less brainless than you're counterparts
DB: But... probably not.

CS: are you just sayin that because im from texas
DB: Excuse me? I have no idea where Texas is in relation to your universe let alone any stereo types associated with such a place.
CS: o well okay then
DB: I am a creature from another universe, a troll. We stumbled across this glitch as it were, by accident and it allowed us to speak to you.
DB: Please tell me you follow?
DB: Perhaps I can finally get somewhere with you human creatures.

CS: well it makes some sense i guess
CS: kinda like in cowboys and aliens
CS: but not really since your not tryin to eat my brains and what not

DB: I assume so? Obviously I've never heard of such a thing. And indeed, I have little interest in consuming vital organs, for that you would have to speak to HH.
DB: I am jesting there for the most part. I would not put it past her on a bad day.

CS: that is slightly disguistin but also compellin
CS: what does this so called hh do
CS: eat other trolls

DB: Not so much... She does make an awful lot of threats though and you mustn't ever make the mistake of underestimating highbloods.
DB: Do you have a caste system? A physical way of defining the upper class from the lower class, its kind of like that.

CS: whoever as the most money is the person who is the ighest class
CS: poor people like myself are the lower class

DB: Oh! I see. How intriquing.
DB: Our blood colour defines our lives. The highbloods always have money, whereas lower bloods such as myself are more... middle class and people with... brown blood for instance are towards the bottom end of the scale.
DB: HH is near the very top. Not quite at the top, but close.

CS: do they get eaten by ighbloods
DB: Not usually. They prefer to kill and... well, just kill.
DB: The highbloods, I mean.

CS: thats interestin
CS: so youve talked to other umans then u

DB: Yes, and they have been far less open minded than yourself.
CS: well when you live alone most of the time because your fathers out on drunken sprees any means of conversation tends to be appreciated
DB: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad I can brighten your day a little, I suppose.
CS: well your not a tottal bitc like at DB: Lorem can be nice once you've gotten to know him. Well... Not usually. Or at all.
DB: ... My above comment was rather pointless, wasn't it?

CS: a little yes
DB: Not at all lady like. I'm going to have to work harder at this.
CS: what bein lady like
CS: whats onestly the point
CS: its stupid to act like somethin because some one thinks you should act that way

DB: Well, when one lives in a village full of stuck-up blue bloods and then there's the psychotic indigo bloods... Acting polite and lady like is often a prudent way to stay alive. I do not make enemies that way.
DB: Being someone in my position, it can be very easy to make dangerous enemies.

CS: well same ere
DB: Oh?
CS: i mean livin alone in texas puts me up to the law since i dont go to school whic is against the law
DB: I see... How interesting.
DB: How is justice handled on your planet? By culling those would-be crimminals?

CS: well we ave a law
CS: and police officers enforce it
CS: usually theyre polite but if you disobey over and over again theyll come after you
CS: whic is why i keep low
CS: because id ave to go to an orphanige and then go to school

DB: I see...
DB: Our worlds simmilarities and differences are quite astounding.

CS: yea yours sounds vicious
CS: and alieny

DB: It is vicious, compared to your world. We grow used to it over time, I guess.
CS: that sucks
CS: do you ever wis to get out of your life
CS: to live free of it and everythin else
CS: to just be yourself

DB: Sometimes... But one must adapt to the place that they are in. One day, I hope to write, it is a crazy dream but one that I stick to nevertheless.
DB: Another troll, you know him as PT has offered to put in a good word for me, but the Wordsmiths and Punbards are very selective..
DB: Their ranks are mostly filled with those of the higher blood colours. I stand very little chance of convincing them I'm good enough.
DB: Oh, and I appologise, I do talk too much.

CS: o no its fine
CS: im just dreadin for the loud stomp of my dad
CS: so anythin to get my mind off of the life i live is fine
CS: plus you probably need to get some steam off yourself

DB: I'm assuming by dad, you mean a guardian of some sort? Do you have Lucii? He's obviously not a very good guardian.
CS: a lusii
DB: Lusus is singular.
CS: no i ave a dad who gave birt to me
CS: well not im exactly
CS: that would be weird
CS: and es not
CS: e as an enormus drinkin problem

DB: Well, that's odd. The first part. It's obvious the, er, more intimate ways of our cultures differ greatly but for our own sakes I will change the subject for the time being to prevent any unecassary awkwardness.
CS: sounds like a plan
DB: Do you know why your friend with the orange text is so suspcious?
DB: He wouldn't entertain my theories for a moment.
DB: He thinks I'm just a 'huge joke'.

CS: dunno e tends to be like that thoug
CS: e is kinda out there wit everythin
CS: im not even sure why i belive you
CS: i just do
CS: or somethin

DB: That's reasurring. I think.
DB: Everyone I have spoken to so far reguards me with disbelief.

CS: ave you talked to the girl wit the green text
DB: Not yet.
CS: im sure shell belive you
CS: she belives everythin
CS: well except the time i told her kangaroos fly
CS: she wouldnt talk to me for a week after that

DB: That's hardly reassuring.
DB: But thanks for the advice.

CS: well she owns a kangaroo so
DB: I'm assuming a Kangaroo is a form of... creature?
CS: yea
CS: its really creepy lookin
CS: and ops

DB: Right. I see. Well, sort of. I think I may try to contact the friend you mentioned earlier.
CS: well okay
CS: best of luck wit that

DB: I will most definitely speak to you later, provided I have not been fed to starving carnivorous fish.
CS: best of luck wit that too
CS: okay well talk to you later i guess

DB: I see no immediate danger from such creatures, but one never knows. And goodbye.

dismalBrassica has ceased trolling cayenneSherrif.

Well that was an interesting conversation. Some trolls can honestly be kinder then others. Nick smiled slightly and then looked over his contacts. Oh Jake is on! Let's talk to him! Let's talk to someone we can trust and knows isn't an alien or something.

cayneeSherrif began pestering starvingArtist

CS: ey
SA: Hey.
SA: talked to bree lately?
SA: she's been bugging me half to death.
CS: really
CS: i avent eard from er in a while
SA: she was talking about this new game or something?
CS: o right
CS: she talked to me about it once or twice but no more than that
SA: well if she out of the blue starts telling you how important it is, consider yourself warned.
CS: well i will then
CS: ow often as she been tellin you about it
SA: she's mostly just asking me if i've got it yet.
CS: well did you
SA: this morning, what about you? brees still waiting for her copy.
CS: i avent checked the mail yet
CS: still lodged up in my room all day
SA: have fun trying to explain your 'laziness' to her, i have to wonder what the hell she put in her tea this morning, or coffee or whatever it is that she drinks
CS: i dunno
CS: most people in america live off of energy drinks like monster
CS: whic i find disgustin
SA: either way she's probably hyper or something.
CS: true
CS: well maybe i should check the mail before my dad gets ome
CS: o crap
SA: what?
CS: i think e may be ome
CS: and not appy
CS: again
SA: that sucks, i hope he doesn't notice you.
CS: o e will
CS: or wont
CS: lets ope e falls down drunk
CS: and asleep
SA: hopefully.
CS: i better go figure out whats es up to
CS: and check the mail if i make it that far
SA: well try not to die in that case. jane'd be real pissed off if you ended up dead.
CS: ope shed cry too
CS: well and miss me at least
SA: bree too, but probably because she'd think it was a conspiracy or something.
CS: yea ill try not to die to ard
CS: best of luck wit your issues as well
SA: thanks, cat's buzzed off to work so i don't really have anything to worry about.
CS: well thats always good
CS: well off i go
CS: if im not back in an our im dead
SA: ... good luck.
CS: see ya

cayneeSherrif has ceased pestering starvingArtist

Nick sighed. His father is home and all, and he's obviously not happy. He got up from his chair and managed to scuttle out of his cluttered room. He managed to do that with little difficulty which was always a plus. Nick made his way cautiously down the stairs. When he saw that his dad was passed out, dead drunk on the floor, surrounded by cats, he smiled slightly and walked the rest of the way down. He pulled a blanket over him and then went outside to actually check the mail. He went to the mail box and pulled out the checks that were for himself and the other stuff. Something caught his eye though, which just so happened to be a game disk in his hand. He smiled and then walked back inside, only to find his dad missing from the floor. Well that wasn't good.

Nick quickly ran up to his bedroom, not wanting an encounter with his father, but it had to happen. Standing in his doorway stood a man. A man who was skinny and had a face that had not been shaven in over a year. Something about him seemed off though. He smiled and then grabbed Nicks shoulder, giving it a squeeze. The simple words rolled off his lips. "I'm so proud of you son," Was all he said as he walked off. Nick blinked. Not once in his life had he heard those words muttered from his father's lips. The cats followed him like he was a mother goose and Nick blinked a few more times. Had that really just happened or was he high? Nick blinked a few more times before actually walking into his room and setting the mail down on his desk and situating himself on the chair. He was about to click on Bree's name, but he back tracked and decided to just let it rest. He needed to think things over.

While he's doing that, let's look at the Aussie


Your name is JANE BURROWS. You are FIFTEEN years old and darn well proud of it. You live in AUSTRALIA with your crazy UNCLE and take up HUNTING since you're out in the OUTBACK. You have a pet KANGAROO named SKIPPY. What? You were FOUR!

You love hunting and animals. You enjoy being out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE because you're able to actually hunt and do things that you wouldn't be able to do near SYDNEY. You love spending your time taking care of you KANGAROO. She loves you very much. She tends to a little IRRITABLE but thats okay. You have a knack for SEWING and have sent your friends SKINS OF ANIMALS sewn into SHIRTS and other CLOTHING. You are very proud of this accomplishment. You love crafting things and making dead animals look like they're coming to life.

Your room is covered with DEAD ANIMAL SKINS and other things of the sort. Your BED is made out of things that you made. Even the BED FRAME was built by you. You're so proud of it. You made everything in your ROOM. Your uncle is proud of you too. Your house is a lame little SHACK out in the OUTBACK and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Your strife specibus is SNIPER RIFLE KIND. It's handy because you can shoot people easily with it and it's what your used to. You have FOOTPRINT MODUS and you have to guess the footprints of animals to get your item. It's kind of a stupid modus, but you wouldn't change it. Your pesterchum is kangarooTamer.

What will you do?


Oh, let's look at this trolls conversation shall we?

BT: hello
BT: before you start on whatever your about to say
BT: and from experience its probably going to be something involving how stupid we all are
BT: and trust me i am aware of the fact that so many of us are ignorant of things
BT: i mean just on the conspiracy radio channel the other day there was this guy and
BT: sorry i do that alot
BT: anyway what im trying to say is
BT: would it kill you to be polite??

AT: Now why in the world would you think that I wasn't being polite? I try to be as polite as possible to every living thing in the world. Well, my world at least.
AT: Also, it might just 'kill' me for being polite.

BT: the last one of you guys wasn't so polite
BT: i dont really know what you want from us though
BT: all of my friends dont believe a thing you guys say

AT: Now why wouldn't you believe us? We're one hundred percent trustworthy in all areas of the matter. Some of us may try to pawn your stuff away, others may try to kill you.
AT: Why is it such an odd thing for an alien species to be so intruiged with another alien species?

BT: its not so much the intrigue as the fact you claim to exist i guess
BT: weve been over this various times or atleas me and another troll have
BT: i cant always keep track of you guys!!
BT: but it just sounds kind of like a prank i mean why would aliens contact four kids who all live miles and miles away from each other

AT: Well, I can hardly keep track of myself in the world I live in.
AT: Well, I guess it COULD be a prank, but it isn't. Oh, and it's mostly just to mess with you guys really. It's fun to mess with humans.

BT: well thats not very nice!! you could try being nice for once like i helpfully suggested at the start of this conversation
BT: according to the one with the green text it 'would be prudent in the long run to befriend this species'
BT: but hes probably messing with me too!!

AT: Oh... Yes... Thats true.... She has told me that. Oh she is all about them, "lets help everyone ever! It's a GREAT idea." Well honestly, I disagree, but thats a story for another time.
AT: And she's definitely not lying to you. She wouldn't do that to a..... low life human.
AT: Oh sorry, I forgot I had to be 'nice'.

BT: i just dont have time to be insulted for a no good reason just because someone who may or may not be an alien is bored!!
BT: ive got an important day to day!!

AT: Hey, wait.
AT: Don't leave just yet will you not?

BT: why??
AT: Well because.. I'm sure you had something more that you wanted to say?
BT: yes i do actually
BT: your a pretentious git who i really dont have time for considering that i think this is going to be a huge day for everything in the universe!! if im right that is.
BT: you're dammit

AT: Thats the nicest thing I have heard all day! Thank you SO much.
BT: i dont even know why i bother with you trolls

TbetwixtTheories has ceased pestering arialTypewriter

AT: Well, it was nice talking to you! Come again will you?
AT: I mean honestly, you were SUCH a JOY to talk to you made my day SO much BRIGHTER that is scalded my EYE sockets and my EYES are RUNNING on the FLOOR being stepped on my my LUSUS. THANK YOU.

betwixtTheories has blocked arialTypewriter.

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Re: [HS/Language/Violence/Private] > Enter name

Post  Mousen Heath on Sat 05 Nov 2011, 11:31 am

... Who are these strange 'troll' characters? Perhaps we can shed a little light upon one of these mysterious beings.

==> Be this strange sad-cabbage troll with the green text.

==> You obviously fail to do so. You can't be the sad-cabbage troll with the green text, just look at what you're wearing! But, it's worth taking a look at this strange little creature anyway.

> In another universe, innumerable Lightsweeps away there is a planet called Alternia...


You are SEVEN SOLAR SWEEPS OLD, and you pride yourself on acting LADYLIKE, according to you your manners are PERFECT, though you DO HAVE YOUR MOMENTS. It is important that you don't have too many slip ups as you find yourself in a RATHER PRECARIOUS SOCIAL SITUATION. You stand as one of the GREENEST of the GREENBLOODS, in the village of LITTLE WEST SAINT HAMBLINGSTOKETRENTHAM UPON TOAST, the finest and most ostentatiously named villages in the whole of Alternia, it took your LUSUS many hours of pursuading to get you the little plot of land on the village outskirts. It is probably very lucky that your MOIRAIL happens to be one of the few PURPLEBLOODS in the village. Even if he is ONE OF THE MOST ANNOYING.

Moving on from that, you have several INTERESTS, including GARDENING and researching the HISTORY of ALTERNIA. Even if it is EXCEPTIONALLY CONFUSING and you are not sure if you actually UNDERSTAND ANY OF IT AT ALL. You also enjoy browsing TROLLCESTRY.COM and while this is mostly POINTLESS and BORING you have finally found something OF INTEREST. The last troll alive with your SIGN and BLOODCOLOUR happened to be the greatest WORDSMITH OF THEM ALL. You find this exceptionally FACINATING as your main passion is WRITING STORIES.

Your dream is to join the EXTREMELY GRANDIOSE LEAGUE OF WORDSMITHS AND PUNBARDS, even if it is RATHER UNLIKELY as they favour HIGHBLOODS, though they have accepted LOWBLOODS such as yourself on RARE OCCASION. Your LUSUS is a rather LARGE SNAIL who like you, enjoys a spot of GARDENING. Every year she grows hundreds of FOWL CABBAGES for her own consumption and she often tries to FORCE YOU TO EAT THEM TOO. So far, this has NEVER ENDED PARTICUARLY WELL. Oddly enough your strife specibus is a SHOVELKIND, this is probably because of all the GARDENING you do. Your Trolltag is dismalBrassica and you speak very eloquently, using proper grammar and puntuation as a proper lady should, though when you get upset you have a habit of CAPITALIZING random words IN YOUR sentences.

What will you do?

Trolls are grey-skinned beings with black hair and lips and horns sat on top of their head. These horns are, well, their candy-corn coloured. Honestly! I'm not making this up! Their nails are the same colour. Typically, their eyes are yellow with a grey pupil, though there is rare exceptions to that. Each troll has a sign and a blood colour. The sign is unique to the troll itself while blood colour dictates class. Though, if you've already read the conversation Virosa is about to have with the nice Texan guy, you'll already know some of this.

Usually, trolls are somewhat nocturnal, the harsh Alternian sun is blinding should the average troll just glance towards it. The planet itself is mostly run by the younger generation of trolls, the adult trolls themselves conquering distant planets or whatever they do while being in space. Though, since I'm going to assume you already know all about trolls, there's no need for me to explain it to you. However, since I am a narrator (and a jolly good one, might I add) I feel obliged to explain something about these odd little creatures.

Alternia's two moons were high in the sky as Virosa peeked her head out from the window of her hive. After a moment's hesitation, she turned back to her computer and finished speaking to the human. Once she finished that Virosa turned back to the window pushed herself up to sit on the sill, looking out towards untouched hills full of thick blue-green grass. Then she looked back towards the village of Little West Saint Hamblingstoketrentham Upon Toast, the river Toast, obviously. The main part of the village was filled with the large, posh houses of the bluebloods. Just over the horizon were the rustblood slums, invited to build their houses away from the village. The poor fools had no idea that it would soon be their turn to be fed to the barbfish that swam in the river. The Barbfish had been put there to prevent Sea-Dwellers from following the river up to the village. Back by the village, but far enough away to distinguish themselves from the houses of the bluebloods sat two castles. One of them was home to Effendi Zugzwang, the moirail of the previously mentioned sad-cabbage troll, er, our dear little Virosa. Trolls, as you already know, have four kinds of romance, and as you know it is a complete pain to explain properly so I shall not do so.

For awhile Virosa had been trying to get these kids from another universe to believe her, after they'd accidentally discovered this glitch that allowed them to find the other universe in the first place. The success rate of this varied dramatically, from outright disbelief and scorn, to suspicion, and most recently acceptance. She had once last human to speak to, and hopefully her pending conversation would go just as well as the previous. Until that moment came, however, she was interested in speaking to a friend of her's.

dismalBrassica has started trolling plaguedTaxidermist:

DB: Hello, Effendi.
PT: hey virosssa
PT: whatsss going on with you

DB: Nothing out of the usssual. I did, however, speak to one of those humans again, the results were rather surprising.
PT: yeah
DB: Indeed. He, (and I do believe it was a 'he') told me quite plainly that he believed my story.
DB: Though he couldn't explain why.
DB: It makes things easier, to say the least.

PT: whatsss your plan with thessse human creaturesss anywayanyway
DB: To learn more about their culture, to expand our horizons.
DB: Perhaps, we may even learn more about ourselves along the way.
DB: It's odd, though, the only thing we can access through the universe are those four humans. Nothing else.
DB: I'd hazard a guess to say that it would be the same for them, if the positions were reversed.
DB: But, of course, that brings up the question of why?

PT: you think about thingsss to much virosssa
PT: anssswersss turn upup in the weirdessst of placesss if you give it enough time an anssswer might presssent itssself

DB: You're probably right. There's no use in wasting time away on questions that I cannot hope to answer.
PT: luckily enough i have a quessstion you can anssswer
DB: And that is?
PT: i know you dissslike gaming but you did sssay that thisss one sssounded interesssting...
DB: You mean the four copies of that game you picked up at an antique store?
PT: yesss
DB: I don't know, Effendi.
DB: It all seems a little childish to me.

PT: pleassse
PT: pleasssepleassse

DB: Ask properly and I may consider it.
PT: Virosssa, will youyou pleassse join in with me and the othersss and play thisss odd looking game I found?
PT: there
PT: you know ii hate doing that

DB: You sound far more sophisticated when you do that! It's nice when you appear atleast a little civilised. But I suppose I will, if only because I'd feel bad about leaving you with Lorem and Dominae on your own.
DB: Dominae would murder you, and Lorem would probably be too busy being a prick to do anything about it.

PT: lorem isssnt too bad
PT: sssometimes

DB: I know, I've had the odd pleasant encounter with him.
DB: Dominae would definitely squash you like a bug, though.
DB: Its such hard work being the moirail of the wimpiest troll in existence you know. <>

PT: ssshut up virosa
PT: im notnot thatthat much of a wimp

DB: Says the poor old dear with the Dictionarykind strife specibus.
PT: you promisssed youd never mention that
DB: Au contraire, old friend.
DB: I merely promised I wouldn't mention such a thing in public.

PT: very funny
DB: OH SHIT. Snailmom is back.
DB: With those hideous cabbages of her's.
DB: I gotta go, I might be able to sneak out the back if I hurry.

PT: andand go where
DB: ... Can I come over? Pleassse?
PT: ssskeeter wont mind ssso sssure
DB: You're a live sssaver!
DB: Right, I'll see you in a few minutes.

PT: okay dont forget your ssshovel. thethe bluebloodsss in the village can be kind of nasssty
DB: Who are you? My lusus?
DB: Seriously, I'm not that stupid, Effendi.
DB: See you soon!

dismalBrassica has ceased trolling plaguedTaxidermist

Well, it looks like its time to introduce that this meek little castle-dweller.

==> Be the meek little castle-dweller

Sure? Why not? I'm sure he doesn't mind.


You happen to live in the village of LITTLE WEST SAINT HAMBLINGSTOKETRENTHAM UPON TOAST, settled right by the vicious RIVER TOAST, which full to the brim with SNAPPING CARNIVOROUS BARBFISH. On special occasions, it is customary to THROW RUSTBLOODS into the river FOR SPORT. Many people take BETS on WHICH RUSTBLOOD WILL BE DEVOURED FIRST. For some reason this practise UNSETTLES YOU, though you DON'T KNOW WHY, it is tradition after all. It's not like its ever going to happen to you, in a village populated mostly with BLUEBLOODS anyone with PURPLE BLOOD is practically revered. Perhaps you just worry about your MOIRAIL too much, even if her bloodcolor isn't TOO BAD IN THE SCHEME OF THINGS. Like her, you are SEVEN SOLAR SWEEPS OLD.

As expected of someone of your social standing, you have many INTERESTS, for some reason DEATH and THE MACABRE interest you greatly, this is one of the reasons that many trolls find you A LITTLE UNNERVING. Infact, in your hive is filled with various SCIENTIFIC SPECIMINS of RARE AND CREEPY CREATURES, including the EYELESS SNOUT BAMBOOZLER and the GIANTLY UNDERSIZED WRASPWORT CATTAPILLAR. Some of the most DANGEROUS creatures in your possesion ARE STILL ALIVE. They are kept in the basement of your castle-style hive, and after a rather VIOLENT INCIDENT with one of them, which you only survived because of A CRAZY GREENBLOOD WIELDING A SHOVEL, you don't tend to go near that part of your hive unless you can't help it. You also have an interest in CARVING PUMPKINS, even though they seem to DISAPPEAR a lot. Oddly, you also have some PYROMANIAC qualities and everyone reguards it A VERY BAD IDEA to let you anywhere near an OPEN FIRE as it tends to give you some VERY STRANGE IDEAS.

You intend to join the ranks of the EXPERISPECTRUMOLOGISTS, which won't be a problem for the likes of you. Though you do find their methods PRETTY DUBIOUS. Your LUSUS is very MOTH-LIKE, and much like you he is also A WEE BIT CREEPY. As a general rule MOTH LUCII tend to have VERY SHORT LIFESPANS, you have been aware of this for SOME TIME, this fact is perhaps even responsible for your INTEREST in the MACABRE. Perhaps your aim this whole time was to find a way to lengthen the lifespan of your lusus, then again, PERHAPS NOT. Either way, you DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. Your strife specibus is a DICTIONARYKIND, it was a gift from your MOIRAIL, but you foolishly equiped it to your STRIFE DECK. It has proven to be surprisingly good at BEATING ENEMIES INTO UNCONCIOUSNESS WITH. Your trollhandle plaguedTaxidermist and your blood is perfectly INDIGO. When you speak, you tend to hisss through your teeth and on occasionoccasion you repeat wordsss in your sssentencesss

What will do?

===> Troll Virosa:

Hey! Wait a second! You've just done that! Infact, she's on her way over to your hive! Wow, sometimes you can be so stupid!

Effendi was one of the quietest out of the entire village, the exact opposite of what a real indigo blooded troll should be like. While most trolls aren't sure, they're pretty sure it had something to do with the incident in which you were almost killed by that fire-breathing reaper axolotl, man those things are vicious. Lucky Virosa stepped in really, even if the psychological trauma from the event has given you both a stutter on your s's and a nervous twitch that makes you repeat words. You never know! Some trolls might find it... endearing? Mind you, it was kind of just luck that she wasn't killed herself! She'd walked into the room as the axolotl had turned its attention to finishing what it had started, she managed to hit it in the back of her head with her shovel and the blow had been enough to knock it dead.

He was a rather thin, weedy-looking troll with a short, scraggly mess of hair and an a rather severe overbite, several rather small, sharp fangs stuck out over his bottom lip. His horns curled down around his head, adding to the over all meekness of his appearance. Had he not been an indigo blood, he would have stuck out as a very, very easy target. As he waits for Virosa, we'll momentarily turn her attention back to her.

She walked quickly, though the town, keeping her head low. If she so much as accidentally bumped into one of the bluebloods, she'd be in a whole mess of trouble. Infact, if it wasn't for Effendi keeping an eye out for her, she'd probably be dead already. Her hair was short, but rather curly, most of the time she kept it pinned back. A straw-coloured sun hat rested on top of her head, hiding her horns which sat close to her head and were rather reminiscent of a snail shell. She wore a black skirt, and t-shirt with her ivy leaf-like sign upon it, as I'm sure you know, most trolls think fashion is stupid.

Within a few minutes, she was passing the bridge that went over the river. She could hardly look at it without feeling nauseous - this was where they fed the rustbloods to the barbfish. Virosa remembered the day that they ran out of rustbloods, it wasn't a pleasant one...

==> Virosa: Remember the worst day of your existence

Wait? Why in Alternia would you do that?

Anyway, she had to get to Effendi's house. There was no time for any remembering of bad days.


Well, while the trolls are getting on with that, let's take a look at the human kids that we're coming to know:

Bree was getting decidedly nervous. Every so often she'd look out of her bedroom window and still there'd be no post. It was extravagantly early, but she couldn't help but be nervous about it. Half of her was tempted to go downstairs and wait at the mailbox, but then she'd have to risk an encounter with her aunt... And well, encounters with her are BETTER AVOIDED. And that's to say the least.

Well... Jake isn't doing anything and Bree got the feeling that Nick is probably fine too. Jane might be asleep... But then again she mightn't be. Either way, Jake will probably talk to her when she next comes online, even if it's only to moan about how much she'd been bugging him lately.

Half an hour of sleep won't hurt anyone...

==> Bree: Dream.

About six months ago, Bree fell asleep, only to wake in a golden city. She awoke in a tower that looked every bit like her room, and since then She's been... Well, exploring. It isn't anything like a normal dream, it's very much lucid, even if she is a wee bit dizzier while dreaming. From what Bree could see, she was on the moon of some large planet. As of yet, she haven't dared to venture anywhere off the moon itself. Infact, the thought scared her a little. The dream felt very real indeed, even if could do things no one could do while they were awake. While wandering about the little moon, she found three towers like her own. While it all felt very real while she was asleep Bree was convinced it was her subconscious's way of telling her things, especially because when the eclipses happened she would see pieces of the future in the clouds. It seemed that after all this time, she'd finally been given the sight! Infact, she was under the impression that it was all that philosophy she'd read.

Oh, how wrong she was.

Well, while she was having adventures on Prospit's moon, someone else was having a conversation with a certain Texan.

Sometimes, Nick really worried him. Jake knew he should try to tell someone about Nick, but every time he tried to bring up the subject to Cat, it just never went well. Infact, alot of what he said was usually lost in translate anyway, let alone explaining a delicate social situation to a guilt-ridden adoptive parent... Well, he'd just have to assume that Nick would be able to take care of himself. He'd done that for years before they first met, right?

Oh! That reminded him! He'd forgotten to mail Nick's present. Sighing, Jake got up and walked down the wooden staircase and into the spotless modern kitchen. Ah. Damn.

It seemed that Cat had forgotten her mobile and had just nipped back to fetch it. "[Hello, Hedgehog, and how is the sky feathers?]"
Oh god. Jake had been avoiding her all half-term, and he'd forgotten just how awful her sign language was, she just forgot words constantly and substituted them with something completely different. None of her sentences made the slightest bit of sense!

"[Cat, just talk aloud. I can lip read you know. It's much easier for me to understand you then.]"
"[Tree its French lessons!]"
"[For the love of simple conversation! Talk to me.]"
"Isn't it supposed to be rude when I know sign language, though."
"[Trust me, you don't know sign language.]"
"Er...! Oh god, Sorry love. What did you say there? It's gone right out of my head!"
Eye roll. Here we go again. She wasn't so bad when you were little, but as of late she'd become increasingly worse. It was probably the new job, the more stress she was under, the more Cat forgot. Jake pulled out a note pad and quickly scribbled down something. "The last thing you signed to me was 'tree, it's French lessons'. Your sign language isn't great."
As she read what the teenager had written, her hands started to shake slightly and her bottom lip trembled. Jake suppressed the urge to roll his eyes again, here we go again.
"I'm so sorry, Jakey honey. It's just so hard for me being a single mom and all, and then you're left on your own all day and I get all of the signs mixed up and I forget which ones are which! I love you, I really do, but I never expected this when I adopted you. I don't regret it, don't for a minute think that I do. I wouldn't change anything for the entire world twice over! You're just high maintenance sometimes, you know? It's hard not being able to have a simply conversation with your kid."
Jake didn't quite expect that, he nodded and wrote back' "I understand, none of this is your fault. And I love you too Mum." Her speech really did have an effect on him, he rarely called Catherine mum, or any variation thereof unless he could really help it.

Cat smiled and hugged him. "Now, you know that there's food in the fridge and that if there's even the smallest problem you can email me and..." Catching the look on Jake's face she trailed off. "I'll go then. Bye dear!" She called, before walking out of the house and closing the door behind her.

That was oddly nice of her. Normally there was crying and constant apologising and the giving of ridiculous gifts... Well, it was a start. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all. Jake rubbed his eyes a little, as if to hide the fact he may have been close to tears. For the record, he was Jake Elliots, who never, ever cried. At least, that's what he liked to think. Heading back upstairs, he made a mental note to bug Jane if she was still awake, he hadn't spoken to her in a good while.
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Re: [HS/Language/Violence/Private] > Enter name

Post  auntslappy282 on Sat 12 Nov 2011, 1:56 pm

Be the troll


Your name is LOREM IPSUM. You are SEVEN SOLAR SWEEPS OLD. You spend your days writing COLUMS for the LOCAL NEWSPAPER and being an awesome JOURNALIST. You love what you do, but it tends to make you a bit of a JERK. Fellow trolls tend to speak about you with much HATRED. You honestly couldn’t CARE LESS.

When you’re not writing, you spend your time talking to your friends ONLINE. Everyone else you've met FACE TO FACE honestly can't STAND you. Even your LUSUS tends to avoid you. You live in a large MANSION LIKE HIVE in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Which is about 10 Miles from CIVILIZATION. You have a tendency to wear SUITS and other FANCY clothes no matter where you are or if it makes any SENSE. You honestly couldn't CARE LESS. You are a HIGH BLUE BLOOD, which has guaranteed you a spot in the EXTREMELY GRANDIOSE LEAGUE OF WORDSMITHS AND PUNBARDS. They have actually SENT you stupid amounts of MAIL to try and get you to join, but you don't actually CARE. You have, however, set up certain strings so your greenblooded CRUSH could get in.

Your LUSUS is a SCORPION and tends to be a wee bit CLUMSY. He tends to meander around the Hive and KNOCK assorted things to the floor. You're honestly pretty sick of having to CLEAN up after him. It can be annoying, but you're USED to it. Plus he's one of the NICEST LUSI you have met. But as mentioned above, he does tend to AVOID you.

Your troll tag is arialTypewritter. You tend to speak very properly and enjoy using apostrophes to emphasis your SARCASM. You only speak the way a GENTLEMAN should. You have the lamest modus. You use SCRIPT MODUS and you have to guess what type of FONT is being shown. You have QUILL KIND which has proven to be EXTREMELY USELESS.

What will you do?


The moon light shone in through the curtains that were drawn back, and the window was open letting in the warm country air. Lorem sat at his desk, vigorously typing up a column that he needed to turn in the next day. He sat there, typing away. After a few minutes, he leaned back in his chair. He felt rather successful with what he had just written. His hair being stuck back in a sort of comb over, but it was too spikey, and just managed to stick up backward in an awkward manner. His horns are ridiculous as well, and are slicked back in the same manner, but are ridiculously sharp. A suit sits on his shoulders. It has a little patch on it with a blue ink drop on it. He adjusted he tie and then began to look back over at his computer screen.
He looked over at his Trollian, and noticed that only Dominae was on, but he honestly, didn’t want to talk to her. He looked over at the children who were there and smiled. He began trolling the human girl, which was this conversation below.

Wait a second, you already saw this conversation! Why would you want to re-read that anyways? What? Do you really have no life like the person writing this? You don’t want to end up like that you know. Anyways, let’s introduce the less jerky troll.

Be the Weeabo



You live in the large ocean off the coast of some LAND AREA YOU DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT. You tend to stay away from those filthy LAND DWELLERS. You are, of course, a purple blood and a SEA DWELLER. You spend most of your time plotting the DEMISE OF THE LAND DWELLERS. Not because it's your own idea, but because you idolize DULSCAR. You have many POSTERS on your wall that have his lovely FACE on it.

You are SEVEN SOLAR SWEEPS OLD. You spend the rest of your free time with your LUSUS who is rather cool and SQUIDLIKE. You ride on him around the sea looking for TREASURE. You have found a good amount of LOOT. You have your own TREASURE ROOM in you hive, which is rather large. Your HIVE is one of the best in the whole SEA. You are rather PROUD of it.

You tend to be a massive BITCH making everyone around you hates you. You spend your time TROLLING younger and lower trolls in the HEMOSPECTRUM. You are a very faithful believer in the HEMOSPECTRUM like any one of your blood type should be. You enjoy FANS and you are such a WEEABO in hiding. You enjoy the animus, and other WEABOOISH things. You don't SHOW that though because that would JUST BE DUMB.

You strife specibus is FANKIND, if it wasn't OBVIOUS. You have a stupid MODUS which is Treasure Modus. Your PESTERCHUM is heckledHeliotrope. You enjoy using CAPITAL LETTERS RANDOMLY and adding extra letterrrss to the words randomly.

What will you do?


A troll with ridiculously long hair and glasses sat at her desk. Horns jutted out from her head. They went straight up and jutted out slightly till they curved backwards and curved back forward. There was a little spike at the beginning of the curve forward on the outside. She wore skinny jeans and chucks. Dominae sat at her desk, thromping her fingers on her desk. She looked at her screen with a frown. She was bored. She looked through her contacts on Trollian and noticed that a particular journalist troll was on. She smiled slightly and pulled up the box, and began to troll the poor soul.

heckledHeliotrope began trolling arialTypewritter


AT: Honestly Dominae, I’m a little busy.
HH: What wouldd you bee to bussy with to not talkk to me?
AT: Obviously anything ever. I mean, honestly Dominae. I have to finish up some columns.
AT: So if you were so kind, could you leave me be?

HH: Off coursee not! Youu obviously are lyying!
HH: Tryying to covvver someethinnnggg upp?

AT: Obviously not. Now I honestly have work I need to do, so would you please leave me along?
HH: Fiiiiiiiinnnneeee!
HH: Jeeeeezzz. Byee then

AT: Bye.

arialTypewritter has ceased trolling heckledHeliotrope.

Dominae huffed. No one just stopped a conversation with her! She had important things to say like she always did! He was just so ruudee! She sighed. Now she would have to continue being bored! He really was a rude troll! She must have to actually do something, or she would get bored.

No one cares, let’s move on.

Be the Aussie again.


Jane sat at her desk. No one was really on at this time in the morning. It was early, and it was late where her friends were. Time zones are sure confusing! She would wait, but she decided it might be best to get an early start on cleaning her gun and getting ready. Maybe after she was done, her friends would be on! Well, maybe Jake. She had to wait till night time to talk to the others.

Jane got up and walked down the hall, pushing her braid out of her face. She adjusted her hat and then the gloves that she wore on her hands. They were nice for shooting, since they had grip. It was spring in Australia, and it was finally getting warm from the winter. It would be a nice shooting, and she wouldn’t have to bundle up so tight.

Jane made her way out of the house, adjusting her hat on her head, and putting her sunglasses on to avoid the newly risen sun. It was fairly cool outside, which was nice, since the sun hadn’t heated up the hot land quit yet. It wouldn’t last long. She meandered over to the gun shed and hauled the door open, her braid flipping in front of her face. She blinked as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. Her uncle stood at the side of the barn with his gun as he finished up the touches of his cleaning job.
“Uncle, you aren’t supposed to be up at this hour!” Jane said with a huff as she moved over to her gun and grabbed her cloth.

“Well sorry I wanted to get some things done early so we can head out faster. Anyways, I’ll go make breakfast while you finish cleaning your gun, okay?” Jane’s Uncle said.

Jane nodded, and he smiled, walking out with a pat to her head. Jane smiled at him as he left and took apart her gun one by one as she brought the cloth back through the gun to get the gun powder out of it. She smiled as she looked at her work and began to shine the gun, and waited for breakfast and to talk to her friends.

((Sorry it's not as long as your NOVEL. ;3))
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Re: [HS/Language/Violence/Private] > Enter name

Post  Mousen Heath on Wed 16 Nov 2011, 4:13 am

===> Virosa: Enter the Castle-Hive

The green blood pushed open the door without knocking. The entire building was huge, built like a medieval fortress. (Not that Effendi or Virosa knew what one of those was.) A huge stone wall with a seven or eight story building inside of it, not to mention the labyrinth of basements beneath. When Virosa had first seen the castle, it had scared her a little, the entire building having an uneasy air about. Now it was like her second home, she came and went regardless of whether Effendi was in or not. It wasn't a very LADYLIKE thing to do, but honestly, she couldn't care less. It wasn't as if Effendi cared whether he found her sat on the library floor with her head stuck in a book with her shovel leaning against the door, mud dropping onto the priceless antique rug. He'd never actually liked the rug, so it didn't really matter anyway. She knew this.

"Effendi!" She called, as she ran up the many flights of stairs, he probably wouldn't hear her until she was up a couple of flights. He really needed to get an elevator, or an escalator, or anything. He just had pick the attic room, didn't he? It was a good while later that Virosa finally reached Effend's room. When he heard her open the door he jumped slightly, sighing when he realized it was just his moirail. "You honestly didn't hear me?" She asked flopping down on the pouffe that was sat by his computer table.
"Ssssorrry Vir, I didn'tdidn't quite hear you. I wasss busssy." There was that nervous tick again. He'd never been the same since he was attacked, though that was possibly a good thing.
"It's okay, you shouldn't be so nervous though."
"It'sss not like I can help it."
"I know."

There was a moment of silence following this short conversation. It wasn't an awkward silence, merely a slightly sad one, they'd had a similar conversation just a few weeks ago. Effendi was always going to be nervous and Virosa was always going to be worried about him because of it. That was just the way things worked. The young female caught his eye after awhile, a mischievous look in her eyes. "VonEchidna." That was all it took for them both to burst out laughing. The mere memory of the time they'd got one over on the vicious blueblood enough to make them howl with laughter.

"Ssseriousssly, that'sss not even funny anymore."
"Oh yeah?"
More giggles followed.

"Jalopy would have found that funny. He hated blue bloods." She said, once they'd calmed down enough to speak properly. There was a sad sort-of smile on her face. It had been a solarsweep, two human years, since it had all happened... The loss still stung. They'd been good friends.

===> Virosa: Relive the worst day of your life...

===> No, you do not have choice this time.

=-> Solar Sweeps into the past... But not many.

Infact, just one.


Your name is Jalopy Mehanik

You're a fugdeblood living on the outskirts of a village full of vicious BLUEBLOODS, some might say that they're as vicious as the BARBFISH that inhabit the river Toast. Some others might say that they're far more vicious than any fish. You'd be one of those trolls. From your hive you can see them bringing in the RUSTBLOODS to feed to the BARBFISH, one of these days you wonder if it might be you that's dangled over the bridge, died a deep maroon from many years of lowblood torture. Infact, you have NIGHTMARES ABOUT IT SOMETIMES. Still, you just keep a LOW PROFILE and when you are seen in public it's usually with a PURPLEBLOOD and his MOIRAIL. Infact, you consider them your BEST FRIENDS. Especially the GREENBLOOD, she is ONE HELL OF A DAME, not that you'd EVER, EVER TELL HER SO. Like that DAME, you are currently SIX SOLAR SWEEPS OLD.

You have many INTERESTS, aside from CERTAIN GREENBLOODS THAT IS. You consider yourself to be something of a HANDY MAN, infact you pride yourself on your ability to fix JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING. Except for HEARTS, you ain't playing agony aunt for anyone. They can WORK OUT THEIR OWN PROBLEMS. SHEESH. Why is everything down to you? You're also something of A WHIZ WITH ROBOTICS, though you've only tried to create very simple robots so far, you have HIGH HOPES FOR THE FUTURE. Speaking of HIGH HOPES, you're an insufferable OPTIMIST and you like to believe that things are ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER, even if sometimes you SECRETLY WORRY THAT IT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL AND THE WORLD IS JUST ONE BIG SHITHOLE. You are very LAID BACK and even when things go wrong you try to keep A BRAVE FACE AT ALL TIMES. Don't want to let the dames down y'know?

Your LUSUS is an INSECT-LIKE CREATURE who's always been known to you as BEETLE, your strife specibus is SPANNERKIND, which was PRETTY OBVIOUS CHOICE WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT. Your TrollHandle is unluckyAuxiliarist and you tend to speak in a manner that is pretty dang normal, even for trolls. though you do sometimes miss h's off the begining of words.

What will you do?

=-> Knock. Knock.
What's that? Beetle seems particuarly anxious about it, then again he's anxious about everything. Stupid bug.

=-> Jalopy: Answer the door.
There's got to be another reason the Little West Saint Hamblingstoketrentham Upon Toast council are here, right?

=-> No. No, there is not.
Well, that's you screwed over isn't it? Apparently they've ran out of Rustbloods, what's the next best thing to a rustblood?

=-> Jalopy: Be the next best thing to a rustblood.


=-> Virosa: Be unaware of what's going on.

dismalBrassica has started trolling plaguedTaxidermist

DB: Ey!!
DB: I mean, er, Good Evening, obviously.
DB: As if I would be so unrefined in my speech. Such a thing would be most unheard of!
DB: Effendi?
DB: Anyone there?
DB: You're not here at all, are you?
DB: I suppose this means I'll have to nip down to the village, I bet you've just left.
DB: We were supposed to be meeting up with Jalopy, but he's not answering either.
DB: Boys -sigh-
DB: What am I to do with you?

dismalBrassica has ceased trolling plaguedTaxidermist

And so you headed into town... You forgot, it completely slipped your mind that the Event was today, that it was the day they brought the rustbloods into down. Good grief, weren't you stupid? You ran into town, the fact that the blue bloods filled the streets and glared down at you was something that didn't even register as strange until you were right in the town center. Bowing curtseying and generally acting like the humble (kind-of)lowblood you were supposed to be. Effendi hadn't told anyone about your Moiralligence yet, apart from Jalopy of course, this didn't really bother you at the time. You knew that it would cause gossip(And they did gossip and awful lot) if the subject wasn't approached well. Thankfully it was only a pale quadrant, but still, news was thin on the ground right now.

In the town center, things were a bustling mess, everyone was practically standing on each other's toes. Effendi had been given a higher seat in the croud along with a couple of other Indigo Bloods who were just here for the day. They were far taller than him and much more imposing, the thin little highblood was a stark contrast to them. You then realized what was going on, and the knowledge of what you were about to see hit you in the chest, leaving you breathless for a moment. You were about to see someone murdered, someone who's blood wasn't blue or purple, someone who didn't matter because of that. Everytime you tried to leave the crowds you were pushed back, cat called by the various bluebloods around you.

Oh no. God, No. The moment when you first say him on the bridge will never be forgotten, sometimes it feels like those three seconds were pysically burned into your mind. Shackles along his wrists, one eye puffy and swollen with a large gash upon his lip. The goggles he usually wore were missing, his curly hair the only thing left that really looked like him. The breathlessness didn't last long. Blood burned through your veins, giving you the confidence to not only push your way through the crowds but to stand infront of them. It was a reckless, blinding anger, the kind of feeling that made people do stupid things. And indeed, what you did was very stupid. "Don't you dare! Don't you dare touch him, you filthy swines! You filthy high-blooded pompous brats who aren't even fit to run a fucking corner shop and yet, here you are running an entire village! Those lowbloods are worth one-thousand of you!" After the blind anger, came the blind panic and your first injury of the day. A fist collided the side of your head, and you fell to the floor. The second was sharp nails pulling at the hair on your scalp, as if trying to wrench it straight out of your head. Thrown face down onto the bridge, it took you a minute to realize the gravity of your situation.
"What the fuck was that for, Dame?" The fudgeblood asked quietly. His voice was cracking.
"I'm sorry."
"It coulda been different."
"In another life, perhaps."
"...You scared?"

There was a few quickly stifled gasps as one of the highbloods stood up, looking particularly vicious. That was nothing new for the others, but for Effendi... Well, it was unheard of. He parted the crowd easily, throwing aside anyone who got in the way. He didn't say anything until he got to the bridge.
"Let her go."
"B-b-ut, sir! We, have to-- She undermined our authority."
"Ssshe's my moirail, and by refusssing me the only authority that'sss being undermined isss my own." He spat, glaring up at the blueblood who was at least twice his height. Still, the look in Effendi's eyes was rather unnerving.
"Theeereee still has to beee an eeexeeecution! Don't think you can get out of it that eeeasilyyy, Eeeffeeendiii!" Another indigoblood screeched, depsite the mocking tone of her voice, she was deadly serious. She was getting impatient now, she'd been waiting all afternoon to see a particularly gruesome murder and it it went on much longer she wasn't against turning her attention to the one other indigo blood on her right.
Effendi closes his eyes for a moment, the nervous tick on the tip of his tongue. There was no way he was going to be able to save Jalopy too, the crowd was looking for bloodspill, blood of any colour now.

"There's your train, Dame. Don't wanna miss that."
"Jalopy, please. We can figure something out, there has to be a way!" You whisper back. "There's-"
"Aw, you ain't turnin' into a hysterical dame now, are ya? Can't cope with those."
"This isn't a joke! This is real and you're-"
"I ain't scared."
The scrawny troll rushes over to you know, trying to lift you to your feet. He's too much of a weakling and you don't think you can stand anyway.
"Things'll get better for you, Dame. Keep your head up." The fudgeblood gives a look to you and Effendi, brown tears are starting to prick at the corner of his eyes. You gave up any attempt at dry eyes awhile ago. You feel Effendi half leading, half dragging you away.

From behind there's the rattle of chains and then a splash. The crowd cheers.

===> Solarsweeps into the future... But not many.

===> Infact, just one.

Effendi simply nodded, not really trust himself to speak, he'd probably just end up repeating himself. The death had made them grow up, many trolls reguarded death as just something to laugh at, something that wasn't to be taken seriously. Until you'd lost someone you knew, someone you'd really knew, it didn't really strike hom just how, well, permanent death was. It seems silly to say, but there'd been times when they'd scrolled over the name 'unluckyAuxiliarist' while on Trollian wondering when he'd next be online only for it to hit. "You remember we had to ssssneak out of towntown becaussse Jalopy needed sssome more partsss for whatever he wasss building?"
"Oh! I remember! Me and Jalopy made a pact to run and trip you up if we got caught because they were less likely to cull you."
"Yeah, thanksss for that. You didn't have to trip me over every time you thought you heardheard sssomeone coming."
"It was pretty funny."
"Not forfor me!"

Virosa shrugged her shoulders, ignoring his last sentence. "I left the game disks here last time I was over, by the way."
"I noticcced, they're behind the clock."
She reached over, pulling a set of two disks in worn covers from a small clock on Effendi's desk. The design of them was very vintage, just by looking at them it was pretty easy to tell that they were antiques, even if the actual disks looked as if they'd never been touched. "Once Snailmom thinks I'm gone she won't bother slithering back to the house for awhile. I should be safe to go now if you want me to install this-" She waved the disks around as if she didn't quite have a word for how frivolously childish they were. "-thing."

"Sssee you later, then. I'll sssend youyou a messsage overover Trollian once you get in." He paused for a moment, looking over the program on his computer. "Ssshit. Dominae'sss online. Not going to be ableable to avoid her for long." Sure enough, there was a slight ding as he said this, indicating that someone was messaging him, instead of turning to leave Virosa hovered over his shoulder for a moment, her eyes scanning the conversation.

heckledHeliotrope has started trolling plaguedTaxidermist

HH: Heeeeeey!!
HH: Are you theeereee?!?

PT: sssadly i amam
PT: what do you want dominae

HH: No need to bee harssh
HH: I wantt to starrt the gamee first!

PT: oh ssso you finally got your copy then, i wasss worried that it would get there
PT: sssorry wouldnt
PT: oh and virosssasss annoyed at you for some reassson
PT: ssshess hisssing at the ssscreenssscreen from over mymy sssshoulder

HH: Noww whyy would she bee annoyed at mee?
HH: Ohh, and I did gett my coppy.

PT: Because you are a insufferable haggersnash who never even bothers to act thankful that there's three people in the world that haven't blocked you from trollian and that not only are you a completely idiotic fangirl of some looser, which you seem to think is cool, but you didn't even show remorse when someone who'd tried his best to tolerate you died. That is why I am annoyed at you, Dominae Bitchoque.
PT: ssshit virosssa dontdont sssnatchsssnatch
PT: ssshesss attackingattacking me for thethe keyboardkeyboard
PT: ill be right backback

PT: I would, if I didn't think I'd be murdered by a guard of some kind the minute I walked through the front door. Also, I can't breath underwater. And I'm only interupting your conversations with Effendi because he's far too much of a wimp to say these things himself, but we're working on that.
HH: I Thiink I'vve meenttioned thiss Virosaa, I don'tt fully liive underr watter.
PT: I'd still be murdered the minute I walked through the door, though, even if you are too much of a coward to do that yourself.
HH: I wwouldn't havve my guards kill youu or my lusus. Iff anyonee killed you, itt wouldd be meee!
PT: Really? Colour me surprised. How many innocents have you murdered this week?
HH: 23
HH: No, maakee that 26

PT: And I'm supposed to believe that?
HH: Wwanna comee see the boddiess?
PT: virosssa be quietquiet youre makingmaking thingsss worseworse
PT: Oh shut up, you.

HH: Caan I pleeassse jusst tallk to Virossaa?

PT: Yes. ( And do stop trying to grab the keyboard Effendi. It's rude. Especially since I won it fair and square by beating you over the head with a lampshade.)
HH: Waitt, no.
PT: ssseriously virosssa
HH: I donn't wannt to tallk to you. I meant Effendii.
PT: As you wish. I have to go, anyway. Do have a terrible evening.
HH: I hopeee you diee toniightt, wonderfull. Havee fuunn.
PT: my life jussst getsss more andand more awkward
HH: I appologiess.
PT: you appologisssing? holdhold the press! lorem ssshould write a collum on thisss
HH: sighhh.
HH: I'mm tryinng thiss nicce thingg for onncee.

PT: reallyreally er wow
HH: Butt honeestlyy, you shouldn'tt havee had to sitt througgh thaat, andd for thatt I appoloogiess.
PT: itsss okay i guesss im used to virosssa ssshesss a bit ssscary sssometimesss
HH: I'mm onlyy appoloogiessing beecaausee youu aree a fellow highhh blood, and a higgh blood like mysself shouldn'tt actt like that.
HH: Butt you teelll annyonne ellssee anndd I will culll youu.

PT: fairfair enough i guesss
PT: i wasss jussst about to ssstart inssstalling the game when virosssa turned up to collect her copy

HH: Butt I cann sttarrt the gamme firsst rightt?
PT: i sssupossse ssso youd better inssstall the firssst disssk sssince ive just inssstalled the sssecond one
HH: Okkaaay awwessomee!
HH: I'll gett rightt to thatt

PT: it sssaysss it needsss another player before it ssstartsss.
HH: Weeell it'ss downloooading nooww sooo.
HH: Itt'ss taakiing a whiillee.

PT: it sssaysss thatthat sssgrub isss now essstablissshing a connection
HH: Ohh goodd. Itt'ss finiishiingg upp.
PT: nice possstersss dominae
PT: yesss that wasss sssarcassssm
PT: i can sssee your hive

HH: Whaat thee fuucck?
PT: oh i can move your ssstuff too! hope you dont mind
HH: Woaah!
PT: ill be careful not to drop anything though youd probably kill me for that
PT: oh except for that sssorry
HH: Whaatt iss goooingg oonn!
PT: ill ssstop trying to move the table i almossst dropped it that time
HH: Hooolyyyy CRAPPP!
HH: Doon'tt breaakkk my vaaluaablless!!

PT: im not!
PT: besssidesss youve got an awful lot of ssstuff
PT: ive got to move sssome of it around apparently sssince theresss a few thingsss i have to put down

===> Later:
Half of a corrupted walkthrough is all you have to go on. You're not even sure it's accurate. Still, it's time for this game to start, no matter how ill prepared you are. No matter what the consequences may be. The consequences that you are sadly ignorant of. Those consequences that were caused by two universes on the brink of collapse, two universes that were living side by side. But, for obvious reasons, you don't know this.

PT: okay ssso ive deployed everything why dont you try and figure it out for a sssecond... okay ssso you need go to the cruxtruder itsss the thing with the little box on top
PT: i think

HH: Mean thee thingg wiitthh thee cileendderr? Ittt lookss proomiissing.
HH: Itt hass a turrnyy thinnggiee
HH: Itt doessn'tt wantt to turrn
HH: Maybe if I hit itttt..

===> One Released Kernelsprite Later:
Well, things are starting to go smoothly. The time on the countdown gives you two hours and eleven minutes.

HH: Waitt. Whatt wass that nooisee?
PT: what noissse
HH: I heaardd a thunnkk
PT: you ssshould go check it out but hurry theresss a weird countdown on the cruxtruder now
HH: Well thatts nott good.
PT: even if we do have a decent ammount of timetime
HH: It's fromm the shooree. I'll tryy to hurry
HH: Wwweeell fuuccck....
HH: loooksss liiikeee I fooounnnddd myyy lussuuss

===> One suspiciously timed death of a beloved lusus and one accidental protyping later:

PT: fuck something white just fell past my window
PT: and im on the top floor

HH: Thattss nott happyy.
HH: You goo figguree thatt outt and I'll goo figgure outt some moore stuuf

PT: ssshit it waswas my lusssusss itit mussst havehave been flying to roossstroossst and passsed outout and wellwell skeetersss dead
HH: Ohhh noo
HH: Thatss nottt good
PT: yeah i jussst hopehope that we can bring it back likelike you did i alwaysss knew it wasss going to die sssooner rather than later but i ssseriousssly didnt expect him to jusssst
HH: Yess, I understtaandd
HH: I'll leaavee you too goo gattherr hiss bodddy.
HH: I'll mess with thee otherr stuff

PT: okay ill be aroundaround if you need me toto help hurry up though that countdown doesssn't looklook good
HH: Agreeedd. Andd I willl.

heckledHeliotrope has ceased trolling plaguedTaxidermist

===> A ominous countdown stops, another begins:
One troll is already in the medium. Three to go. The meteor shower that will destroy Alternia has just begun.

heckledHeliotrope began trolling dismalBrassica

HH: Heeey looserrrr
DB: What is it now?
DB: I am more than a little bit preoccupied with current events.
DB: I by happenstance I caught a nary glance of what appeared to be a meteor. Its target was some miles away from my present location, though.
DB: The shockwave has caused irrepairable dammage. It must have uprooted one of the many trees in my lawnring, it falling only to crush my lusus's shell.

HH: weelll thatss nott good~
DB: Obviously not. There's something amiss, though. I didn't even feel a shockwave...
HH: thatss odd
HH: Butt hooneessttlly suuckk ittt upppp
HH: My lusus died so did Effendiiis.

DB: No one thought that was just one bit STRANGE?

HH: I diid butt I havee otherr thiinggs too worry abooouttt
DB: Like what, pray tell?
HH: Oh craaaaap not those thiings agaiiin!
HH: I havee to goo! Besst of luuccckk.

DB: You're an absolutely terrible server player. Nevertheless, good bye and best of luck to you to, despite the fact you wished me dead earlier, in that rather embarrassing conversaion with Effendi.
DB: Anyway, I'm working on opening this contraption you told me to.

HH: Gooddd. I havee to go fiiight impss.
HH: I'll be backk ot help you, I promisee!

DB: ... Right. So you just drop the body of the lusus into the kernel? Effendi is trying and failing to give me advice. He's stressed and doubling every word.
HH: Yes! Do thatt.
HH: I honnestly havve to go. They're swarming. DARNITT!

heckledHeliotrope has ceased trolling dismalBrassica

===> Minutes into the future, but not many...
===> Infact, barely ten.

The Land of Smoke and Mirrors, where one imp can be reflected as one thousand, and one thousand imps may not show up at all. It is a land of little substance and alot of show, it is the land in which the house of Virosa Narratus falls. In this game she is The Page of Words, and my is she chuffed about that. Blots of grist lay around her house, from where she's smashed the skull of imps with that trusty shovel of her's. Still, there's still two more trolls to actually get into the medium and there's definitely no rest for the wicked. Speaking of those who are wicked, she should probably see how Lorem is getting on. Pausing behind one of the many mirrors in the endless silver walkways she stops with her newly alchemized TypeTop (A mix between a laptop and a typewriter).

dismalBrassica has began trolling arialTypewriter

DB: I take it that you have put your lusus's coprse into the kernalsprite?
DB: If it has already passed that is. All of our's have.

AT: I did indeed.
DB: Good. It would be akward if it hadn't yet, being the bearer of impending demise-related news is never fun.
DB: Excuse me if I dissapear for awhile. My land is rather... difficult.

AT: Oh, yes, thats understanding.
AT: Try not to get your self killed?

DB: I will do my very best. Though the smoke and the mirrors do seem to be conspiring agaist me. I am quickly learning to spot the real from what is merely reflected.
DB: I take it the others have been filling you in as well?

AT: Yes... Since they're actually talking to me for once which is always nice.
DB: If Effendi gets too stressed, just say 'Dictionarykind' and he should snap straight out of it. Use it sparingly, though.
AT: Thanks for the advice. I may have to use that on him now. It might be interesting.
DB: He will be rather upset if he finds out I've mentioed that to you. Oh the hissing and the terrible grammar, I can see it now. My thinkpan is bleeding already, oh well. I suppose it doesn't really matter now we know that Alternia is being slowly destroyed as we speak.
AT: Heh, yes, just the thought is scary. Yes.. Thats always a.... Happy think to think about.
DB: Maybe it's for the better... How much of a society were we, really? Just hurry up and get out of there before a meteor hits your hive. The fact that we've been given far too much time in reasonable terms worries me... I think getting here in the first place is supposed to be more of a challenge than it is currently posing.
AT: Yes. I think I should be heading into the Medium soon. I'm not sure though, considering the fact meteors are starting to get closer worries me as well. Oh! There's one now. I should probably go focus on that. Try not to die will you?
DB: Your concern for my welfare is utterly charming. Don't tell Effendi, he will be so terribly jealous! Humour aside, I return the sentiment, I hope your sense of self preservation is as healthy as ever.
AT: Well, I try to be as charming as possible, as you know. And I hope it is too.
AT: Anyway, bye, and be safe!

DB: Goodbye, and very good luck. Though, I very much doubt the aura of charm you carry will help you with the imps. Perhaps you can compliment them to death?
AT: Oh, I will try, trust me.
DB: Do tell me how that goes. And as I mentioned earlier, and indeed several times throughout this conversation, good luck with the imps and the not dying.

dismalBrassica has ceased trolling arialTypewriter.

Well, that was an adorable conversation. Two trolls in the medium, two to go.

==> Somewhere in Alaska, a young girl dreams of a golden city... But not for much longer.

==> Bree: Wake up.

The sound of something at the door wakes her quickly, she'd always been a light sleeper and even while dreaming on Prospit she found that the smallest noise in the real world could wake her up. Once or twice, she was sure she'd dreamt the noises that had woken her.

But not this time. Upon rushing to the window she found that there was someone near the door, it was her aunt wandering back inside after grabbing the mail. Darn. Well, she'd gotten the feeling that an encounter was going to be imminent, even if you really didn't want to have to deal with that right now. Grabbing the 'The Teaching of The Silver Birch' off of her windowsill she headed downstairs. She'd never actually read the book, but if her Aunt wanted to talk about Philosophy this seemed like something saner than the alien metaphors she usually used.
"Hello Aunt Cora." Bree said as she hurried down the stairs.
"Life is like a paper boat." Her Aunt mused as she sifted through the mail.
"Indeed it is." The little blonde girl agreed, nodding slowly. "My game disks should have come today...?"
"Wise are those with no expectations, for they shall never be disappointed. Want is the root of all evil."
Okay, she was asking for it this time. "If life is a pearl, should it be left within the oyster, or should it be made into a necklace at the cost of the oyster's life?" Aha! Her aunt had stopped to think for a moment, finally she was actually getting somewhere. Making a rash deciion, Bree grabbed the disks from her aunt's hand and rushed back upstairs. "Those with no expectations are that of the lowly earth worm, for they will never fly on the wings of success!" She yelled after a moment or two. Honestly, she didn't actually know what the hell she was even saying. So long as it sounded all wise and her aunt thought it interesting, she didn't care.

betwixtTheories has started pestering starvingArtist

BT: sucess!!
BT: i am now the most philosophical person on the fucking planet
BT: seriously ask me anything you like!!
BT: i know everything right now

SA: oh yeah?
SA: what colour am I thinking of?
BT: blue
SA: damn right!
SA: youre like the bloody messiah today.
SA: jeez bree, i'm humbled to be in your presence.
SA: next you'll be telling me your name is actually brian and gourds and sandals are like holy objects.

BT: i wish!!
BT: brian would be a funny name for a girl though

SA: could be worse.
SA: you could be called dolores.

BT: well theres always that i suppose!!
BT: i got the game disks by the way

SA: i figured as much.
BT: ill install one of them in a few minutes and give you a shout when im ready ive got a funny feeling about this game
SA: okay, sure thing.
BT: ill talk to you later then??
SA: indubitably.

betwixtTheories has ceased pestering starvingArtist.
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