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Post  Mousen Heath on Tue 08 Nov 2011, 12:05 pm

I have finally decided to make Newsletters a regular thing! They should be Bimonthly, possibly only monthly if I don't have time to type anything up. They will run through what has been happening on the forums, along with possibly giving a few hints about what might happen in the future. ;3

They will feature one short story, possibly written by me, possibly written by another member of the community about Aeris/the creatures in it. (Nothing over 2000 words, please. <333 ) These will all be posted in a sub-forum, under 'About Aeris', so that even if you missed the newsletter, you may still read the short story that came along with the emailed issue.

So, if you've got any short stories about Aeris, please, please PM me with them! I would love to feature your work. The same goes for fan art! <333
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