Custom Aelur List

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Custom Aelur List

Post  Mousen Heath on Fri 02 Dec 2011, 6:41 am

This is the ownership list for all custom aelurs. When you receive your custom aelur, please post here with it's image and name. If you trade your aelur please post their image and who they're being traded to.


Amanda: (5) Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, The Cheshire Cat

Auntslappy282: (1) Unnamed

Bug-A-Boo: (1) Unnamed



Jobie: (2) Phoebe, Helios

Lamia: (1) Unnamed

Mousen Heath: (4) Greta, Gustaw, Sage, Terrence

Ray: (1) Unnamed


Sappheara: (1) Unnamed

Wyvern: (2) Shirian Amalieth, Unnamed

Xeno: (1) Unnamed
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