The Origins of Aeris.

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The Origins of Aeris.

Post  Mousen Heath on Fri 09 Dec 2011, 12:38 pm

No one knows how Aeris was created... There have been many legends, many ideas. No one ever found anything that could count as a decent theory. We do know that there was several creatures on the shores, some evolved sentience, many didn't. One of these creatures was the jackalope, another one of these creatures was the bat creatures. There was never any wars, as all the creatures within Aeris were in essence peaceful. The jacklopes were often rather... spirited and fought between themselves, but all in all, conflict didn't last long.

Perhaps, it had always been because the Spirits were there. For as long as anyone cared to remember, there'd been the Spirits, always there in an illusive manner. Only coming fourth when needed, giving advice to the inhabitants of Aeris when it was needed most. In the beginning there was eight. Fenris, Eira, Valdis, Kelda, Logmarr, Svanhildr, Oddin and Ochre. Eventually, more spirits came to Aeris, but these didn't merely protect the places within Aeris, they were the guardians of light, darkness, perhaps even justice or deceit. In fact, if it existed, there could be a spirit for it. The first eight spirits became known as the Elder Spirits.

For many years, there wasn't a temple at the site at Oddin's Peak, and for many years, the twins Oddin and Ochre were identical in every way. Apart from the fact that Oddin had a rather more introverted personality. There was fresh water spring at the peak, but not much more. Oddin himself eventually built the temple, to create a peaceful safe-haven for any creatures seeking refuge. This attracted many, but none more so than the Aelurs who chose to make their home deep within the temple. Legend has it that they once had eyes of their own, but gave them up for the gift of vision into the future. Whether Oddin granted this, or some higher power the legend never stated.

It wasn't long before the population within Aeris grew and tiny clusters of burrows grew into villages and into locations of their own right. The villages of Bjorn and Brandr had spirits of their own. And Fenris and Logmarr had little sisters to look after. The village at Svanhildr grew into a thriving community.

And while there was some tension within the group, as it was obvious that both Fenris and Logmarr had affections for Svanhildr, likewise, both Eira and Kelda seemed to hold affections for the completely oblivious Valdis. Not to mention the romance that was quickly blossoming between Oddin and Bjorn, of which Fenris was rather suspicious. However, the group had spent far too many years together to let anything of this sort tear them apart. Things simmered beneath the surface, but the long standing friendships between them all holding them together.

It was then that something changed in Oddin. He began spending more and more time away from the other spirits, locked up in the catacombs beneath the temple. When approached by Bjorn he told her simply that he was on the verge of something big, a truth that had eluded even them. His usually calm manner became frantic, as this idea, this theory possessed him. He'd always been obsessed with knowledge, being the exceptionally intelligent and studious spirit he was. But this... He'd never been like this. Bjorn voiced her concerns to the rest of the group, but they paid her little attention. It was only when he didn't turn up for one of their important meetings that Logmarr and the others began to realize that something was wrong. Upon investigating deep into the catacombs, they found him pouring over ancient texts and the long-dead skeletons of various rabbit-like creatures. Oddin was determined to find out the exact origins of Aeris, and according to him he was very close.

He managed to reassure them that what he was doing was of the utmost importance, and they believed him. In fact, after this Bjorn started to help him, believing that they might finally understand the answers to all the huge questions floating above their antlers. ... It was then something went wrong within the catacombs. Oddin had come to the conclusion that it may be possible to trace the answers backwards by going forwards... In short, working out how to create something from nothing. It was during one of those experiments that a mild earthquake caused a tunnel collapse and Bjorn got exposed to one of the elements they were working with. By the time Ochre, Fenris and Logmarr had dug them both out, the damage was done. Bjorn was blind.

It took everything the other spirits had to stop Fenris from attacking Oddin right there and then. Bjorn distanced herself, she was angry both at the white-furred spirit and herself for letting herself get wrapped up in his plots. The next time they spoke, she would actually be the one pitying him.

Oddin felt he was nearing the end of his quest, he'd finally started to create what he thought was something from nothing. He hadn't realized he'd created something that had seeped into the water of the spring... Something that he later suspected had actually been created from the water itself. A disease. Not just any disease, it coursed through any of those that drunk the water. Many creatures started to die. Oddin realized what he'd caused and he tried to stop the disease spreading, but it was already too late for those who'd already drunk the water.

The spirits came to the decision, that they'd caused more harm than good over the past few years. What with the bubbling tensions and then the entire disaster with Oddin and the disease they came to the decision that the now largely independent and wise population of creatures would be fine without them. The elder spirits locked themselves away in a secret clearing deep within Logmarr Woods.

It wasn't until that some plucky humans made Aeris their home that the spirits awoke again. Once the town of Greystone was named, a small, slightly scraggly-looking spirit came into being. The rest of the spirits awoke, and since the incident relations have been better between them all. Svanhildr finally confessed that she held feelings for Logmarr but hadn't wanted to split the two best friends apart. Though, Eira and Kelda still argue on a regular basis. Once they decided to forgive Oddin, who's experience with the disease has turned him more introverted and far more humble than he was in the beginning, the aelurs came out of hiding from beneath the catacombs.

Legend has it, that this temple is the second one built on the Peak as the first one was destroyed in an attempt to control the disease. Infact, the rumour states that some jackalope were even trapped inside the temple! And that those that the disease didn't kill were locked into the catacombs of the new temple...
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