Hey guys...?

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Hey guys...?

Post  Wyvern on Sun 12 Feb 2012, 1:29 pm

Im sure most of you might be wondering where was I all this time, or maybe not. Well, im just finally letting you all know that I might not do much around here from now on. My Muse has been dead for weeks and my inspiration´s long gone, Haha. This doesnt mean im leaving, the only thing I´ll do around here now is just look around for new Updates and see how you guys are all doing, so I wont miss much. Sorry to whoever I had RP plans on with, or those who were already roleplaying with me. I might get to reply if anything, any little bit of ideas come back to me. :3c

Hope all of you are doing well, its all because I´ve also been so busy lately on other places aside from here, and also, Reality. D8

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