Spring [Very, Very Open]

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Spring [Very, Very Open]

Post  Mousen Heath on Wed 14 Mar 2012, 11:48 am

She was far away from what she was used to. The High Priestess of Oddin's Peak was currently meandering through a field where the grass was higher than her head. Spring had arrived in it's usual manner, that is to say, rather suddenly. One moment the grasses and trees seemed as cold and lifeless as it was possible to be, but now they showed the distinct signs of life. Green buds, new shoots, delicate seedlings grew between hardier plants and the general feeling of the place was that the desolation of the winter months was finally over for Aeris.

Though when a place is so diverse and so varied as Aeris something that is welcomed by another may not be so by another. Spring was a perfect example of this. Even now Sage knew that the rainy season for the Ochre plains was coming to and end and the purple flowers and cacti that bloomed there all through winter were going to go along with that. For most of Aeris, however, the passing of seasons meant that things became more alive.

The start of the dryer seasons was a blessing for some and a curse for others, one of the reasons why Sage had ventured from the temple. Her perspectives needed to be broadened and the change of winter into summer or the wet season into the dry season wasn't something to be viewed as a bad thing. Change was the only constant and it was nice to see a different view than the one she usually saw from the doors of the white marble temple. Besides, things were getting a little boring up there. It seemed like there was a bit more fun to be had down here in these cheery-looking meadows.
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