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The Breeding Caverns are located far away from both the roosts of the aures and the setts of the jackalope. Infact, the lie deep within the Ochre Plains, perhaps because aelurs are easily suited to the warmer weather, or perhaps just because it was closer to their original home; Oddin's Peak.

Deep within the red rock, likes a large cave, usually with a few aelur prowling about the outside. The main entrance-way is probably about a story high and made up of lots of ledges and a cavern floor covered with the grasses and flowers which thrive there during the winter months. Though, because the cavern entrance itself is cool with a spring bubbling up beneath the rock the little plants never seem to wither. The tunnel into the cavern is small, the prefect size for an aelur to walk down into.

The trickling of water can be heard, and the gravelly floor of the cave is nearly always damp. Though once inside one of the many little caverns it becomes rather homely. The interior caverns seem to change from day to day. Sometimes they're very sparse, a rug woven from cotton found in the more northernly places in Aeris and a few cushions here and there. Other times, they appear to be exceptionally lavish.


Once a topic in the Breeding Caverns has reached twenty-five posts, it will be locked and moved to to the archives, also your aelurs will have their own post within the nursery. Expect the kits within a few days, possibly a week. The rules of the breeding roosts should clear up any confusion.
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