A Forever Home?

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A Forever Home?

Post  Mousen Heath on Thu 05 May 2011, 11:00 am

Well, as I said last time, I miss running a forum. I love running a forum, but sometimes there's too much stuff for me to wade through and I end up stuck in the middle of it all not knowing what to do. This time, things will be different. For starters I can actually stand typing in the text box, which is new. x3 Normally the text box in these Templates are so tiny I can't see what I'm writing. But enough about that, as I'm typing this, there's a few minor things to sort out but for the most part the work is done. It'll be perfect by the time anyone sees this. XD

As of right now, we only have once species and it will stay that was until further notice. We have the Jackalope, and the old species of Jackalope will be re-done and re-sent out to those who had them previously. I don't want any creature submissions or anything, I'd like to stick with the one species thank you very much. :3 Maybe someday they'll be more. ^w^

As always, go read the rules and have fun. ^w^
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