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Aeris is a massive island, most of the space is taken up with forests in the north, and eventually plains in the south. The largest forest is Fenris Forest, which covers most of the northern side of the island, the little village of Bjorn and Mount. Eira being the only other things that are found in the north of Aeris. The mountain range is the most southerly of these things, and in the summer the snow melts from most of the mountain range pouring into Lake Valdis. The water from that makes the meadowland surrounding it very lush indeed.

The lake and meadows are generally regarded to be 'the Midlands' of Aeris along with Logmarr Forest, the Brandr Settlement and to some extent Svanhildr. Logmarr Forest and the surrounding little town of Brandr are the most populated areas of Aeris, the lush forests providing the perfect place for all species to live. Brandr is typically a jackalope settlement, though many aures now live their as well. Just as it is unlikely to see a jackalope in the town of Greystone, it is unlikely to see a human in Brandr. Svanhildr is a seaside town, with many nests and burrows sat along the idyllic coastline. Most creatures here are either fishermen or run a business of some kind, both the Shambles and the Highstreet are located in Svanhildr. Some brave humans also make Svanhildr their home, though his is a pretty new occurrence. The summers of Svanhildr tend to be quite a bit warmer than Brandr, by comparison. Hence why it is only just considered part of the Midlands.

The south of Aeris consists of Greystone, Oddin's Peak and the Ochre Plains. Greystone is the human center of this island, it's a small town but rather confusing for any jackalope that might stray into it. The town is marked by the bridge that runs across a small river at the start of Greystone. Like Svanhildr it resides by the sea, and the diets of the humans that live here seems to consist mostly of fish and vegetables. They seem a little reluctant to hunt, which is completely understandable considering the fiasco with the deer traps. It gets rather hot in the summers of Greystone, and during winter it rarely drops below freezing. A good few miles away from Greystone sits the mysterious temple at Oddin's Peak. It sits on the other side of the island, in fact it's right by the other side of the coast. On the edge of the cliff, the white marble temple stands. No one really knows how long it's been there, or who carved it in the first place. All attempts to trace the builders or find anything that might date the building have drawn a blank. It's quite the mystery. It sits just before the Ochre plains, and red ground surrounds the temple. The Ochre Plains are not quite hot enough to be a real desert, many species of plants do thrive here. Though for the most part it's cacti, grasses and other plants that can stand the arid environment. There's many valleys and gorges in the Ochre plains, and the red rock is quite a sight so long as you can stand the heat.
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