General Updates And Some Important Notes!

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General Updates And Some Important Notes!

Post  Mousen Heath on Fri 24 Jun 2011, 4:48 am

Just some minor editing of grammar on the forum descriptions has been done, message me if you find a mistake. <3 Also, we've got a Records Listing now, so you can all go and post important stuff in it.

The Burrows now have a little 'announcement' thing at the top of the forum. It's not very important, but it looks spiffy. <3

Now onto the important stuff!

Please, could everyone go post their jackalopes in the ownership lists? I'm having a little trouble keeping track of them. Their names would be good, too.

Also, if anyone's finished/in the middle of a jackalope breeding, I don't currently have any younger kit lineart. That's the only delay and it should be fixed soon, if not you'll just get the jackalope in adult form. While it isn't quite as exiting, it'll have to do until I'm emailed the kit-form PSD.
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