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Post  Mousen Heath on Mon 27 Jun 2011, 11:26 am

Well, there seems to be a new shop in the highstreet. From there, if any Jackalope are in stock, you can buy wild colourations of jackalope. Their prices vary, depending on species and how long it took our little poacher friends to catch them. ;3 So! Begone! Also, you may also find some tiny, tiny Jackalope their. They have a small genetic fault that makes them half the size of a regular jackalope. So, if you're lucky some of those teeny Pygmy jackalope may start to stock there for periods of time. Just not now, because the poachers spend seven and a half hours trying to catch a panda jackalope that was hiding in a tree, only to find that one was asleep in the grass three feet from them. Silly poachers~ <3


On my old forum, I released two kinds of Jackalope. They were the New Year's Jackalope, and the Psychotic January Jackalope, after looking at them for awhile, I've decided that they would really benefit from being redone. So, expect to see them all new and shiny, before too long.

And yes, they will be available again at some point. ;3 <3
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Re: Poachers!

Post  auntslappy282 on Mon 27 Jun 2011, 4:30 pm

I'll be stalking that forum. ^^ Also, I can't wait to see the redo. ^^
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