.:Art Credits:.

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.:Art Credits:.

Post  Mousen Heath on Fri 15 Jul 2011, 4:05 am

.:Art Credits:.

* - The jackalope/aures lineart was drawn by The Lands of Evelon's Haunting_ur_Nightmares.

* - All jackalope/aures are coloured/shaded by me

* - The aelurs lineart (male/female/kitten) was drawn and shaded by Raito (#29718) from Mweor.com

*- All aelurs are coloured by me.

* - Most markings were created using free PS, no credit necessary brushes downloaded from various websites.

* - Various markings were drawn by me along with all add ons and items.

* - Emoticons were drawn by Droneguard from DeviantArt.

* - Moons and Stars brushes were by DigitalKitt3n on DeviantArt, and I was given full permission to use them on Aeris, so long as credit is provided.

*- Celestial Brushes by Sakura222-stock from Deviantart. Link
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