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Random/Custom Aures

Post  Mousen Heath on Mon 18 Jul 2011, 5:35 am

This is the ownership list for all custom/random aures. When you receive your custom aures, please post here with it's image and name. If you trade your aures please post their image and who they're being traded to.


Amanda: (4) Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed

Auntslappy283 (4): Conrad, Doc Worth, Unnamed, Rose Lalonde

Clack (1): Unnamed


Elektra (1): Unnamed


Lamia(1): Unnamed

Mousen Heath(6): Vincent, Alice, Ivor Hat, John Egbert, Florence, Jade Harley

Ray(4): Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed


Sappheara(2): Unnamed, Unnamed

Talcen (2): Xavier, Unnamed.

TheLethalFuzzyBunny (1): Mixie

Wyvern (3): Skybreeze, Talim, Evan Von Gargioth, Venomia Nagiara

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