Itty Bitty Bats (Aures)

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Itty Bitty Bats (Aures)

Post  Mousen Heath on Mon 18 Jul 2011, 6:39 am

There's a colourful marquee sat in the center of the highstreet, from inside it, chattering and squeaks can be heard. Upon further investigation the sound of flapping wings can be heard, and from the marquee a little aures lands. "Oho!" It says, giggling a little. "I know vhat you are here for! One of your jackalope is a looser, and has no vun to talk to! So you says to yourself, I know! I gets him an aures! Ve vill talk to anyvun! Unless zhey has varts, but zhats another story." The odd little aures has a rather odd way of talking, and it takes you a few seconds to understand him. "Anyvays! Ve are movink on, are ve not! Yes, now vould you just kindly fill out this form for me, so I know vhat kind of aures you vant, or if your not too picky, just ask for a random vun, we don't mind!"

Customs are Aures with a unique colouration of your choosing. Feel free to request markings/Add-ons.
Custom: 60rhunes | Random: 50rhunes.

There are certain markings that many aures have, these will turn up on randoms and you can even list a preference of marking when ordering a random. And they can also turn up on aures offspring if the parent carries the marking. :3

Techno | Panda

Custom Form

[b]Main Body Colour:[/b]
[b]Mane colour:[/b]
[b]Stripes colour:[/b]
[b]Eye/tail gem Color:[/b]
[b]Head marking colour:[/b] [i](Optional)[/i]
[b]Nose colour[/b]:

Add-Ons Ect.

Currently I am only doing very small add ons! These include, say, asking for stripes on the legs or asking for a stud earring in the ear or a little pair of fangs or something. If in doubt, ask.

Things you should know:
* If I take longer than I should, say over a week.Message me it's probably just slipped my mind. <3 I'm very forgetful.

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