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Aures (Or-z)

As old as they claim to be, the aures came here slightly after the jackalope. How they've managed to keep their existence a secret this long is something of a mystery. Many jackalope believe that any jackalope who found out the existence of the aures were sworn to secrecy, or that they're just simply the hide-and-seek champions of the century. Not so surprisingly, some of the older jackalope legends tell of bat-like creatures that used to be fond of telling riddles, most believe that the aures are the creature that this old legend refers to. Aures have very sensitive hearing and they use echolocation to navigate in the dark. The chattering sound they make is actually a sound of contentment, while the squeaks signal discomfort or panic. While they're stereotypically portrayed as having a very prankster-ish/tricky nature, many aures are not like that.

They're omnivores, their diet being mostly made up of fruit and insects, though if they can get it they drink the nectar from flowers. The aures have surprisingly long tongues, which they use to lick the nectar out of flowers, eat unsuspecting wasps and disgust passing jackalope. Some of them do have a nasty habit of trying to drink the blood of anything they can't eat, most stay away from this as blood is like alcohol to them and makes them act drunk.

During mating season the young aures will move from the cave (etc) where they've been living and nest in roosts, as high up as they can get. They lay a clutch of two-four eggs, which quickly hatch into tiny little pups.

They have a prehensile tail, and no back legs. Instead they use their tail for gripping. Aures can actually climb trees, though they're painfully slow on the ground and an aures with an injured wing is a very easy target. They're mostly nocturnal, though they really start being active at dusk. Some have even taken to being up and about during the day! The little gem at the end of their tail sometimes changes colour depending on their mood, usually it will only turn a certain colour for a few seconds. The 'mood' colours/shades of an aures are different for each one, making them something like a fingerprint. They're about the size of a flying fox, and they delight on getting rides from willing jackalope.
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