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Bred Jackalope

Post  Mousen Heath on Fri 06 May 2011, 4:29 am

This is the ownership list for all bred jackalope, including bred spirits and bred pygmy jackalope. When you receive your bred jackalope, please post here with it's image and name. If you trade your jackalope please post their image and who they're being traded to.


Auntslappy282 (1) : Unnamed(Wester/Anthos)

amanda784 (2) : Unnamed(Dove x Amora), Unnamed(Dove x Amora)

Bug-A-Boo (2) : Okapia(Tobias Greene/Mary), Hersey(Tobias Greene/Mary)


Jobie: (8) : Julia(Cade/Samantha), Christopher(Cade/Samantha), Dove(Cade/Samantha)Neasa (Tobias Greene/Mary), Bobby (Tobias Greene/Mary), Billy (Tobias Greene/Mary), Unnamed(Dove x Amora), Unnamed(Dove x Amora)

Kitsumi Mahon (8) : Autumn(Misery/Serena), Hollow(Misery/Serena), Spring(Misery/Serena), Summer(Misery/Serena), Codex(Misery/Serena), Unnamed(Frostbite/Venom), Unnamed(Frostbite/Venom), Unnamed (Frostbite/Venom)


Mousen Heath (1) : Unnamed(Wester/Anthos)


Talcen (1) : Unnamed(Wester/Anthos)
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