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Post  Mousen Heath on Wed 11 Jan 2012, 1:16 pm

You see this? This is the new way that I'll be shading any new custom jackalope! I decided that the old shading was rather poor and since I actually just quickly did that shading all the way back in... May of 2011? Somewhere around there, I figured it'd be okay to try again.

I'm not going to re-do every single jackalope!

Though if someone would like their jackalope re-done, I am offering it at the price of 30 rhunes!

This goes for pygmies or some of the earlier jackalope that just aren't as good as the rest. I'll also be re-doing the ones with add-ons, though the HS ones might prove a little tricky. I'd be pasting the shading onto a layer in their saved PSDs rather than re-doing them entirely.

If you have a jackalope you'd like re-done with the new shading, feel free to ask me to change some minor stuff around. I'm not talking about a whole new custom here, but I'll tweak it. Same goes for bred jackalope. ^^
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