Lonely Aures, Looking for Love!

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Lonely Aures, Looking for Love!

Post  Ray on Thu 22 Sep 2011, 12:35 am

Quirky - Friendly - Prefers Females
Odd, but friendly, Strixia dwells atop Firefly Hill. Although she often leaves the hill to stave off loneliness, she also seeks companionship - and children, something she's always wanted to care for. She's passive, and not particularally dangerous (unless you are an insect - in which case, BE AFRAID).
Lifemate(?): (may be sooner or later)


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Re: Lonely Aures, Looking for Love!

Post  Wyvern on Thu 22 Sep 2011, 11:25 am

Skybreeze is adventurous, a bit naive and somewhat carefree. She has been to many places and likes about anything related to mysterious beings or lands where treasure is said to be hidden. Although her wings are a bit torn due to all her travels and the dangers she has sometimes been though, she can fly well. She tends to be a bit moody, though.

I know this is weird, but since I dont think I´ll find someone to breed with this Girlie, So her and Strixia? FYI, I´ve never asked a request for breeding in a same topic, so I hope this is okay. If you need to know more about her you can look at my Listings or search for her in my Burrows, they´re in my signature.


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